Always changing always the same…

Coquina Naples, Florida.

This ancient piece of coquina is in my backyard on the edge of a stand of woods in a small natural preserve. There are lots of potential explanations for its presence there. Someone could have brought it from closer to the Gulf Coast. It’s really embedded in the soil and appears to have been there a long time, so it’s also entirely possible that it is evidence of the regular shifting of the coastline in Florida. It could be representative of Noah’s flood, when the water’s receded shorelines were different. In any case, it is ancient and has weathered many cycles of our changing planet.

Shifting sands, raging waters, the oceans rising and falling; all of these things are common to the constancy of our in-flux world.

The evidence of change is all around us. Political structures and personalities, social upheaval and periods of rest, our world is constantly shifting. Sometimes these changes are for the better sometimes they are for the worse. It is often only in retrospect that we can clearly identify what was a positive and what was a negative change. Sometimes it is immediate and obvious.

And a changing world, there is one who remains the same. In shifting social climates, there is one anchor which will keep us safe in the storms. He is Jesus! Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (ESV)

When Christ is at the center of our lives,We stand on sure footing no matter what changes happen, no matter how the wind blows. Interact with things below. Set our affections on things above! #pilgrimpath

[*Wiki Article on Coquina: ]

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