Rev. Dr. Chris Surber, D.Min.

First Congregational Church of Naples, FL.

I am the Senior Minister of First Congregational Church in Naples Florida. There is more grace in God than brokenness in us! His is healing love. I am sharing the positive message of Jesus in Naples Florida and beyond!

My wife Christina and I are former United States Marines. I have also shepherded churches in Michigan, Virginia, and Illinois. I am the Executive Director and co-founder, along with Christina, of Supply and Multiply, a ministry in Montrouis, Haiti. His degrees are from Liberty University, Liberty Theological Seminary, and Temple Baptist Seminary. (B.S., M.A.R., M.Div. D.Min.)

I am a Pastor, Missionary, Friend and Mentor. Christina and I minister to the Body of Christ together. She earned her degrees in Christian Counseling from Pillsbury Scarborough Bible College and Seminary. (B.A., C.M.A.)

Pastor Chris, I always hear you talking about “Life on Life.” What does that mean?

“Life on Life” is a phrase that I picked up along the way years ago. It is a philosophy of Christian living based on the commands of Jesus and general New Testament instruction live as a reflection of the love of Jesus in this world in ways that are intentionalsacramental, and covenantal.

Intentional Christian living means that we take seriously the biblical commands to be constantly growing as followers of Jesus. Make Jesus the center of our lives!

Sacramental Christian living means that we move past the commercial culture that we live in. Rather than consuming religious ideas we enter into the with-God live as pilgrim followers of Christ as we are lead buy the Holy Spirit.

Covenantal Christian living is about community. God saves each one of us and places into Christian fellowship. Churches that live in covenant are churches that go, grow, and send together. Covenant is the missing ingredient for the world knowing us by our love. It’s not enough to gather together. Covenantal Christian Community means we are one body living in Christ community as we travel along the lonely road as fellow pilgrims.

Pastor Chris, I heard you do missionary work in Haiti?

I am first and foremost a local Pastor. Supply and Multiply is an extension of my work as a local pastor. It has become an extension for many local churches, small groups, families, and people from across the spectrum of Christendom to extend the reach of the gospel of Jesus Christ beyond their doorsteps!

As the founder of Supply and Multiply I, along with my wife Christina and my family, established and set the direction for the ministry. Working closely with Gary, the director of daily operations for Supply and Multiply, we oversee all organizational, fundraising, and regular activities of the ministry, working with my dear brother Jean Gary Destinoble, “Gary.”

Supply and Multiply is more than a mission agency. It is a vehicle through which discipleship is taking place in the lives of mission team members, supporters, donors, partners, and in the lives of people in Haiti! It started as a family home-school project that changed our family and has become a collection of individuals, churches, and other families who are experiencing life change through life on mission.

Chris and Christina Surber

Pastor Chris Surber

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